Mint Flavour
Medium Abrasiveness


Ref. 06-005

Cherry Flavour
Medium/High Abrasiveness

100 cups 2g

Medium Abrasiveness   Ref. 06-006

High Abrasiveness   Ref. 06-007

Prophylaxis paste with fluoride, medium or high abrasiveness and mint and cherry flavor, mixture of polishing and cleaners agents  designed for professional use during standard dental and orthodontic hygiene procedures.

 For cleaning and polishing procedures of dental pieces. They favor the removal of stains and thick layers of plaque, obtaining a soft and fresh sensation. 

Creates a high gloss to the overall appearance and longevity of the restoration itself. 

Contains fluoride: Immediate relief of tooth sensitivity. 

Splash free: Greater hygiene for the professional and the patient. 

It incorporates a specific amalgamator material that makes it denser as heat is applied to the paste, keeping most of it in the place that is most needed. 


Fluoride Gel

Cherry Flavour 


Ref. 08-004

Strawberry Flavour


Ref. 08-005

Mint Flavour


Ref. 08-006


  • ORTHODONTICS: In all treatments where there is metal contact, for example brackets. 
  • CLEANING: When cleaning with ultrasound, there is some aggression against the enamel; It is necessary to strengthen the dental structure and prevent hypersensitivity. 
  • PERIODONTICS: Helps during the periodontal scraping process and reduces hypersensitivity. 
  • PROSTHESIS: The removable prostheses constitute a constant aggression to the enamel of the supporting teeth.


  • It incorporates hydrofluoric acid: Greater resistance of tooth enamel against microorganisms, adequate prophylaxis of tooth decay is achieved. 
  • Only one minute of application. 
  • Thixotropic (does not fall from the tray).
  •  Pleasant flavors (cherry, strawberry and mint). 
  • It has DENT registration. 
  • The bottle includes a level indicator.

Impression Trays

50 pairs of impression trays 
Double small yellow  (Ref. 06-024)
Double medium white (Ref. 06-025)
Double big blue (Ref. 06-026)

Double disposable impression trays for fluoridation with handle and with a rough inner face. 

Available in four formats (small, medium, large and assorted). Designed to apply fluoride gel in both arches at the same time. 


  • External and contoured walls that reduce overflow and prevent fluoride intake. 
  • The upper arch fits naturally, providing a comfortable fit. 
  • Exclusive extra long tab that ensures cleanliness and ease of insertion and removal. 
  • Anatomical crested design that ensures fluoride coverage in the entire tooth.
  •  Exclusive "fold-hinge" that avoids the gag reflex and allows easy separation to use a single arch. 
  • Flat extension that prevents vestibular shock
  • Practical tongue groove for comfortable holding of the impression tray.