Clear Clarben Trays

Trays for making thermoplastic adaptations for dentistry, using compatible vacuum forming machines. 

  • Made from polyester using a terephthalic acid base
  • Latex-free.
  • Transparent rigid thermoplastic trays.
  • For orthodontic retainers.
  • For retaining trays.
  • For mouthtrays to prevent grinding.
  • For X-ray tomography and for surgical guides. 

Box with 25 units Size 127x127 mm 

Mouthguard Trays 

  • Latex-free.
  • Transparent, flexible, thermoplastic trays.
  • Easy to mold.
  • Easy to cut 

 Mouthguard 1mm - 1,5mm Indications

  • For whitening mouthtrays.
  •  For topical fluoridations

Mouthguard 2mm Indications

  • For orthodontic stabilization trays. 
  • For whitening mouthtrays.
  • For base trays. 

Mouthguard 3mm Indications

  • For sports mouth shields. 
  • For trays to prevent grinding. 

Box with 12 units Size 127x127 de 1 mm, 1,5mm, 2mm y 3mm

 Mouthguard Trays 1mm   Ref. 09-048
Mouthguard Trays 1,5mm   Ref. 09-049
Mouthguard Trays 2,0mm   Ref. 09-050
Mouthguard Trays 3mm   Ref. 09-051

Ref. 09-040

Temporary Trays

  • Transparent rigid thermoplastic trays. 
  • For fast-forming temporary splints, orthodontic retainers, whitening splints, and space holding trays.
  • For surgical trays and fixing implants.
  • For orthodontic retainers.
  • For whitening mouthtrays.
  • For spacer trays. 

The material used in the treatment adheres to the acrylics for various dental applications. 

Box with 50 uds, Size 127x127

Coping Trays

  • Opaque and semi-flexible thermoplastic trays. 
  • For making provisional crowns.
  • For making temporary bridges. 
  • For whitening mouth trays. 
  • For topical fluoridation. 
  • For dentistry mouthtrays.
  • For copies and duplicates of plaster models. 
  • For quickly formed temporary mouth trays.

The material provides good definition and does not adhere to acrylics Latex-free.

Box with 50 units Size 127x127 mm 

Ref. 09-052

Ref. 03-020

Box for Models 

Folded cardboard box that helps keep plaster models in order. It can contain up to three complete models (maxillary and mandibular).
Each box contains 100 flat-packed boxes for better storage.

To save space, they can be stacked to ensure the models are in the right order. Easy to assemble.

Drawer format to remove the desired models without breaking the order of the other saved models. 

Disposable pre-curved cannula replacements for use with orthophosphoric acid.

Long length for easy dosage in the oral cavity.

  • Luer Lock fitting system to securely fix the tip, ensuring a perfect connection to the acid syringe.
  • Angled metal tip for applying in hard to reach areas.
  • Once assembled, the box measures: Length - 26.8 cm Width - 10 cm Height - 7.4 cm.