Porcelain Repair 

Porcelain Preparation Kit 

Kit for preparing porcelain surfaces or former restorations of composite with macro-filling for subsequent cementing, adhesion and intraoral repair. 

  • Easy to apply and control.
  • Does not stain composite or fixing resin. 

The Kit consists of:

  • PORCELAIN ETCHING GEL: 9.6% hydrofluoric acid gel for etching of porcelain surfaces to adhere.
  • SILANE: Increases adhesive strength of components and resin cement for porcelain.
  • DRY-RITETM: Promotes the chemical drying of surface etching on porcelain before applying silane. 
  • KOOL-DAMTM: Soft tissue protector that does not heat and prevents resin from entering. 

Ref. 04-002


    An agent that combined with porcelain, strengthens the adhesive power of bonding products. 

    • An agent that combines with and strengthens the adhesive power of the bonding on porcelain. 
    • Single-component material used to promote adhesion between organic and porcelain resins.
    • Creates organic-inorganic bonds.
    • Increases adhesive strength of organic resins, composites and resin cement. 

    Hydroflouric  Acid 

    • For etching porcelain surfaces.
    • 9.6% hydrofluoric acid.
    • For correct surface preparation: Improves the performance of adhesives, resins and resin cements.
    • For etching indirect porcelain restorations before cementing. 

    Ref. 04-011