Pharmacy Division

The pharmacy division was created more than 10 years ago as different studies indicated the advantages of our topical anesthesia not only for the use of the healthcare professional in the dental office, but also its direct use by the patient as local relief of the different mouth discomfort Our extensive experience supports us as a leading laboratory in the distribution of dental medicines and health products, for which we work to offer professionals the highest quality products.

We have specialized in the treatment of oral pain caused by small mouth wounds and sores.

Mouth sores are annoying and painful, especially at mealtime. and they can be generated by various causes, from an infection, an accidental bite, to a friction with a dental prosthesis. Mouth sores are annoying and painful, especially at mealtime.

Mouth sores are common lesions of the oral mucosa and can be caused by various causes, from an infection, an accidental bite, to a friction with a dental prosthesis.

This type of mouth lesions also called canker sores or mouth ulcers, make people who suffer from this problem feel pain when doing daily actions such as: Chewing, eating, drinking or even sleeping and are characterized by: Redness, inflammation, irritation, ulcers buccal ... 

Canker sores can appear anywhere in the mouth, tongue, lips, bottom of the mouth or inside the cheeks. Mouth sores are not serious and can heal on their own after a few days, even without treatment, although it is not recommended.

Diagnosis of mouth sores

The physical examination of the sores is the first step in its diagnosis. Most mouth sores are harmless and should heal after a few days. However, if you have any of the symptoms listed below, it is always convenient to consult your doctor.

  • If you have other symptoms such as difficulty swallowing, fever or rashes. 
  • If you suffer from a weakened immune system due to other diseases. 
  • If the ulcer persists for a period longer than two weeks.
  •  If you have large whitish spots on other areas of the mouth

How to prevent canker sores in the mouth?

Here are some suggestions to reduce the risks of the appearance of mouth sores: 

  • Brush your teeth at least twice a day. 
  • Apply mouthwash after washing. 
  • Go to the doctor's office regularly. 
  • Avoid very hot foods and drinks. 
  • Chew slowly.

    How to relieve oral pain?

    Hurricaine gel ® is formulated for the treatment of lesions of the oral mucosa, it is a topical anesthetic with cherry aroma that suppresses pain when applied externally on the area of ​​the mouth to be treated. Hurricaine gel is indicated for the relief of pain caused by:  Canker sores Sores, mouth wounds or canker sores can occur among other reasons due to the friction of prostheses, orthodontics, small extractions or mouth injuries caused by abrasions, friction, etc. 

    These types of injuries cause the patient to have difficulties when chewing, eating, drinking or even sleeping, and are characterized by: Redness Inflammation Irritation Ulcers Read the instructions for this medicine and consult the pharmacist