Ref. 01-016

Octoplus® 30 G Short needle 0,3x25mm. 

Box with 100 uds.

Indicated uses: Infiltrative Injection, lower lingual periapical lingual.

 Ref. 01-020

Octoplus® 30 G Short needle 0.3 x 21 mm

Box with 100 uds.

Indicated uses: Infiltration, periapical, vestibular, maxillary, palatine and maxillary periapical injection.

 Ref. 01-017

Octoplus® 30 G Extra-Short needle 0,3x16mm.

Box with 100 uds.

Indicated uses: Intraligamentous injection, lower maxillary lingual periapical

 Ref. 01-018

Octoplus® 27 G Long Needle 0,4x38mm.

Box with 100 uds.

Indicated uses: Troncular Pre-injection

Octoplus needles are sterile gamma radiation needles, sealed and silicone-coated for single-use injection and with the ISO 11137-1-2006 Standard Sterilization of medical device by radiation. They have a plastic cone with a triangle that indicates the position of the bevel. They are manufactured according to ISO 11137-1-2006.

These needles are compatible with dental syringes with a European thread. They comply with ISO_EN ISO 7885:2010.


Each needle is supplied in a primary container designed to protect them. The welding point that connects the cap with the needle protector ensures that the sterility of the needle is maintained. The outer diameter of the Octoplus needle is identical to that of a standard needle, but its inner diameter has been specially prepared to inject the same dose of anesthetic liquid with lower pressure. Thus, by having the dentist better control his technique and the injected flow, the patient enjoys a softer injection.

The plastic elements: transparent cap, colored transparent case, white container, are injected in polypropylene. The stainless steel cannula is fixed with an epoxy resin adhesive based on epichlorohydrin and bisphenol-A.

IInfiltrative, periapical, vestibular, mandibular, palatal and maxillary: 30G Short 0.3 x 21 mm (Ref: 01-020)

Infiltrative, periapical lingual maxillary lower: 30G Short 0.3 x 25 mm (Ref: 01-016)

Truncular: 27G Long 0,4 x 38 mm (Ref: 01-018)

Intraligamentous, lingual periapical maxillary inferior: 30G Extra-short 0,3 x 16 mm (Ref: 01-017)