Ref. 01-014

Ultracalm Plus

High-quality stainless steel syringe. Designed for improved comfort during injection process.

Clarben Mirrors

New flat dental mirrors with a good reflective surface for oral examination and cheek retractor. Manufactured with stainless steel and intended to be reused only if they are sterilized before each new use.

Box with 12 units.

Nº4 (22mm) Ref. 12-001 Nº5 (24mm) Ref. 12-002

Clarben Universal Insert No. 1

Universal tips for treatments such as prophylaxis, cleaning, and periodontics. For general removal of supragingival plaque in all quadrants. 


  • Pointed finish and flat inside for more homogeneous cavitation.
  • Sterilization: All tips are sterilizable in autoclave, in compliance with the ISO 11134 standard.
  • Two presentations: With connections compatible with Satelec and EMS, the most commonly used tip systems on the market.
  • Highly durable.
  • Thanks to its design, it allows easy access to interdental spaces, achieving an efficient and comfortable treatment.

Clarben Universal Insert No.1 compatible with EMS 1 Ref. 09-081
Clarben Universal Insert No.1 compatible with SATELEC ref. 09-082