Ref. 02-033


It helps chelate calcium salts

It helps decalcify the target surface layer in the walls of the root canal, facilitating the widening and molding of the same. 

For the elimination of inorganic substances

Open calcified ducts.

 10% Carbamide Peroxide to facilitate the cleaning of debris from filing during canal instrumentation. 

Antibacterial effect 

Reduces breakage during mechanical preparation. 

Easy removal EDTA Solution 50ml at 17% is formulated based on water: it easily reaches the narrow apical area and can be easily removed.



OCTOCANAL is a calcium hydroxide, with barium sulfate premixed in paste that does not harden and remains indefinitely under the same physical state. It is iodoform free. OCTOCANAL is soluble in water making it easy to clean and remove. Calcium Hydroxide has an antibacterial and antibactericidal effect. 

The effect of barium sulfate allows a better radiopacity to visualize the irregular shape of the root canals. The premixed paste is packaged in a convenient syringe, which eliminates the mixture and provides an ideal vehicle for application to the root vertex.


  • 1 syringe of 3g with calcium hydroxide paste. 
  • 10 soft, flexible and angled neck disposable cannulas for a better application of calcium hydroxide in the root canals.


  • Apexification Treatment of infected root canal 
  • Temporary fill root 
  • Root canal filling of primary teeth 
  • Disinfection after pulp treatment removal Vital pulpotomy
  •  Pulp of temporary limitation.