Multifunctional Product

    Particularly useful in surgery due to its hemostatic and scarring properties.

    Controls bleeding:
    • stabilizes coagulation.
    • prevents bleeding and post-operative 

    Provides structure for the new tissue.

    Speeds up the scarring process. Protects the surgical lesion. 


  • Hemostatic and scarring action: Completely absorbable in 15 days.

  • Absorbs 40-50 times its own weight in total blood, creating a stable clot. Helps speed up the clotting process and prevents infections, postoperative bleeding, and secondary cavities.
  • Pure pharmaceutical hemostatic sponge: 100% lyophilized pig collagen (gelatin).
  • Biocompatible: No risks of rejection or contraindications, no other pharmacodynamic effects.
  • Versatile: Helps reduce size easily. Reduces surgery time.

Ref. 06-050

Caja con 40 esponjas

Lyophilized hemostatic sponge of hydrolyzed collagen. Octocolagen® is a sterile freeze-dried cubic gelatin sponge that weighs less than 10 mg that provides hemostatic and healing action and is completely reabsorbable by the body in 15 days. It is presented for use and individually wrapped in a blister pack. 

  • Purpose: Octocolagen is especially indicated in surgeries for its high hemostatic and healing power. It should be applied to the cavity where hemostasis is desired, as an absorbable hemostatic buffer to reduce bleeding. Its porous structure provides a high fluid absorption capacity, absorbing a minimum of 35 times its weight. 
  • It is known that a clot is formed by the local agglutination of blood platelets in the area of ​​bleeding due to the consequent activation of the coagulation factor cascade. Octocolagen provides a matrix that serves as additional reinforcement for the formed clot. Except for this local effect, the product has no other pharmacodynamic effects. 
  • Presentation: 4 blister with 10 10x10x10mm cubes (Ref. 06-050).

 Octorsur  Nylon or Silk Suture


Non-absorbable surgical suture of synthetic origin. Polyamide thread, blue color. Smooth and uniform surface monofilament that allows atraumatic sliding through the tissues. Especially indicated in plastic surgery and general surgery.


Braided silk threads from Bombix mori L. Silkworm Silk of black color indicated in the closure of incisions and / or ligatures including general closure, cuticular use and plastic surgery.


Needle 1/2 Cylinder Circle

4/0 circle 1/2 de 20mm 45 cm       Ref. 06-041

3/0 circle 1/2 de 22mm 75 cm       Ref. 06-035
2/0 circle 1/2 de 20mm 75 cm       Ref. 06-031

Needle 1/2 Triangular Circle

5/0 triangular 1/2 de 22mm 45cm      Ref. 06-047
4/0 triangular 1/2 de 26mm 45cm      Ref. 06-044
4/0 triangular 1/2 de 22mm 45cm      Ref. 06-043
4/0 triangular 1/2 de 20mm 45cm      Ref. 06-042
3/0 triangular 1/2 de 26mm 75cm      Ref. 06-038
3/0 triangular 1/2 de 22mm 75cm      Ref. 06-037
3/0 triangular 1/2 de 20mm 75cm      Ref. 06-036
2/0 triangular 1/2 de 22mm 75cm      Ref. 06-032

Needle 3/8 de Triangular Circle

5/0 triangular 3/8 de 19mm 45cm       Ref. 06-048
4/0 triangular 3/8 de 19mm 45cm       Ref. 06-046
4/0 triangular 3/8 de 16mm 45cm       Ref. 06-045
3/0 triangular 3/8 de 19mm 75cm       Ref. 06-040
3/0 triangular 3/8 de 16mm 75cm       Ref. 06-039
2/0 triangular 3/8 de 19mm 75cm       Ref. 06-033


Needle 3/8 de Triangular Circle

5/0 triangular 3/8 de 16mm 45cm       Ref. 06-030

4/0 triangular 3/8 de 19mm 45cm       Ref. 06-029