Medical Apparatus

Ref. 09-018


Thermo-shaping vacuum machine for effective duplications of plaster models in a plastic imprint, using square thermoplastic trays. 

Some of the many possible uses include:

  • Whitening mouthtrays
  • Individual trays.
  • Mouth shields. Orthodontic retainers
  • Periodontal trays. Tailored fluoridation trays.
  • TMF trays.
  • Provisional crowns and bridges. Spacers.
  • Trays to prevent grinding. 

    High-performance system: The electric vacuummotorprovidespowerful,immediate suction.

    Comfortable, secure design.

    Easy to handle.

    Hardwearing construction: Weighs only 6kg. 

Ref. 09-080

Led Clear Lamp

New-generation photopolymerization lamp:

Resin can be cured with a wavelength of 420-480 nm and be used to prepare the teeth.

Hardwearing LEDs that reduce the lamp's maintenance costs.

Gives off no heat.

Makes no sound.

High-capacity lithium ion battery.

Cable-free: Lightweight device.

Ergonomic design, easy and intuitive to use.

No vibrations.
Power 240 V.
Light intensity 1200-2000 mW/cm2.