Topical Anesthetics

Topical mucosal anesthetic with Benzocaine 20% Hurricaine®

Hurricaine® is a topical anesthetic gel and spray, effective in a few seconds, with a pleasant cherry flavor.

Benzocaine (its active substance), has advantages over Lidocaine: Low systemic absorption (1). Quick action, effect in 30 seconds (2) and anesthesia duration of 15 to 20 minutes. Nice cherry flavor.

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(2) Drug Evaluations. "Local anesthetics". Drug Evaluations. 6th edition. American Medical Association. AMA. 1986.  

Hurricaine® Dental

Hurricaine® is present in thousands of dental clinics of Spain. Its unique formula with Benzocaine 20% and its pleasant taste make this an essential product when creating a good impression on the patient.

Hurricaine® Pharmacy

Hurricaine® is designed for use in dental clinics as well as for personal use. Its practical formats adapt to the needs of each user. 

Hurricane® gel in 6ml is perfect for canker sores and sores, as well as mouth sores. 

 Hurricane 5ml spray is indicated for any oral or dental pain. 

Usos de Hurricaine®


Its most common use, and why no clinic should be without it. Prevents that unfortunate "first impression" for the patient brought about by injectable anesthesia by first using Hurricaine in the area where the injection is to be made. The patient will feel no pain and will be left with a pleasant taste in the mouth. 


By applying a small amount of Hurricaine on the endodontic tip (paper, file, etc.) it is possible to anesthetize pupal remains in 30 seconds. 


 Apply Hurricaine to the gum around the tooth for pain-free cleaning or scaling. 

Extracting temporary teeth

Apply Hurricaine to the gum before proceeding to extract dental pieces. 


Avoid injecting anesthesia again by using Hurricaine Gel through a syringe or Hurricaine Spray on the gum where you wish to use the carver and in a few seconds you can proceed with the work. 

Taking impressions

Prevent the discomfort caused by retraction cord placement when taking impressions by applying Hurricaine first. 


Always use Hurricaine when:
- removing and fitting bands.
- removing and fitting brackets. And avoid discomfort in your patient during the process. 

Minor surgery

Use Hurricaine in the mucosa area where the small incision is to be made. The area will be immediately anesthetized. Also to remove sutures without pain.