Injectable Anesthetics

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Our Cartridge

Approved by pertinent health authorities

Terminal Sterilization


  • Guarantees the highest level of sterilization.
  • Pyrogen reductions: Reduces the onset of fevers.
  • This process is recommended by the FDA and the EMA, among others. 

Single concentrations of epinephrine

Using single concentrations of epinephrine means it can be adjusted to the characteristics and types of patients and interventions. 


Preventing allergic patients from suffering anaphylactic shock. 

Glass cartridges 

Ensure greater conservation of active ingredients. Facilitate optical inspection of the solution.
1.8 ml, presented in blister packs. 


 Preventing allergic reactions in sensitive patients.

Self-adhesive film

Eliminates risk of breakage.
Increased safety for dentist and patient if the cartridge breaks. 

We inspect every cartridge individually

We manufacture more than 500 million cartridges a year: We individually inspect every single cartridge before release.