About Us

Our Mision

Manufacture, commercialization, and distribution of medicines, sanitary products, and health care products in the dental sector, both nationally and internationally.

Our Goal

Improve the oral health of people through an extensive network of partners worldwide. To do this, we continuously expand our portfolio by developing new solutions. 





Commitment and more than 50 years of experience

Please note that we cannot answer general medical information or questions related to your particular medical condition. If you have any questions related to a specific medical situation, we recommend that you contact your primary care physician or pharmacist.

The hallmarks of Laboratorios Clarben are experience and commitment to quality.

  We have been at the service of oral health professionals and patients for over 50 years. In this time, we have expanded our range of medical devices and medicines, offering solutions to the most demanding dentists and stomatologists. Proof of our commitment to maximum quality is that Clarben was the first laboratory in Spain to use terminal sterilization as the final stage in the manufacturing process of our injectable anesthesia. A process that has been used for more than 10 years, and is backed by the world's leading health agencies. 

Innovation is a fundamental pillar of our growth.

25 years ago we removed the methylparaben from our injectable anesthesia which has been latex-free for more than 20 years. Since its inception, Laboratorios Clarben has been a pioneer of oral health, being the first to manufacture injectable local anesthesia with Lidocaine (Octocaine®) as an active ingredient more than 50 years ago. In addition, we incorporated the first Benzocaine 20% gel, Hurricaine®/Topigel® into our catalog, a reference product in the sector and used by thousands of professionals for more than 25 years. Our quest for excellence has led us to be industry leaders in the sale of disposable needles with our Octoplus® range. We are also the laboratory with the broadest range of etching acids (Octacid®) which are highly esteemed by the most prestigious clinics.

Laboratorios Clarben combines quality, experience and innovation to yeild medical devices and medicines that meet the demands of the best professionals in the dental sector.

Laboratorios Clarben has two  business divisions